Cats cats cats cats cats cats CATS.


I like cats. Judge me all you like, but I have a husband who tolerates me being a mad cat lady. To be fair, if it wasn’t for his excellent beard and the fact he owns a massive toolbox, I would call him a mad cat lady too. Last week I overheard him singing Liberty X to the moggies while he made them dinner.
For a few months now I’ve been on the hunt for some feline fabric that I could make some bags out of. After all, the dogs, flamingos and rabbits went down so well last year. However, being a design prima donna, I couldn’t really find any I loved loved LOVED. And I didn’t want to settle.

The things Bergerac does for art.The things Bergerac does for art.

I decided to use my own cats Bergerac and Columbo as inspiration. They are very patient models and make excellent (if bossy, smelly and…

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