When I Can’t Write

Live to Write - Write to Live

Sometimes I get into a place, mentally, where the words just won’t come. It’s not really writer’s block, it’s usually when I’m going through some situation that causes a lot of emotion, which makes it difficult for me to “clear my mind” and write.

But I know that situations change, emotions fade, and my mind will clear—eventually.

So I don’t get too upset about it.

There are things I do do when this happens that seem to help me settle my emotions and gain that clarity I’m looking for.

One thing is I move more. For example, I had a lot of “to-dos” on my list today, but I went snowshoeing for two hours anyway. Returning from the woods and the pond, I was much calmer and ready to tackle that list.

Another thing I do is anything that involves using my hands. I’ve picked up various projects and worked…

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